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For twenty three years Leopard Rock has consistently produced high quality, colourful horses bred to compete in the Olympic disciplines of dressage, eventing and show jumping which are usually Thoroughbred and Warmblood dominated areas of equine sport.  Emphasis is placed on correct conformation, superb movement, rideability and, very importantly, a tractable temperament while still having that necessary spark to compete at high level.   If you are looking for a sane, intelligent, easy to work with, colourful equine athlete—we know what it takes to create a horse with both the conformation and the ability to succeed in the various disciplines. 

Breeders of Appaloosas usually have to continuously cross breed to Thoroughbreds and Warmblood / Thoroughbred mixes to try and achieve and maintain what we have in our purebred Appaloosas - size, bone and ability.  Most so-called Appaloosa Sport Horses are simply hybrids - with a minimum of 50% of non-Appaloosa blood, especially if both parents are crossbreeds themselves.  Our horses are unique in that there is minimal almost no cross breeding in our pedigrees, and where present, it is some generations back and only to the crème de la crème of proven stock, chosen for their conformation, size  and athleticism.  Because of this, our horses have very strong Appaloosa genes for temperament, hardiness and colour.  You can be sure of getting a purebred Sport Horse with the very best pedigree possible, and all the desirable Appaloosa characteristics.   

Leopard Rock has always been a small, very select stud. In the past few years, we have imported three fillies and a colt from the world-renown lines of JG Appaloosa Sport Horses and will solely concentrate on this premier sport horse line (the only stud in the Southern Hemisphere to do so and one of the few in the world) along with our All Breed Champion Appaloosa stallion, Many Moons who has proven his worth as a prepotent and unmatchable sire of Sport Horse Appaloosas.  Our foals all originate from the best mare lines, we place utmost importance on breeding with the top Appaloosa Sport Horse mares - both in phenotype and genotype.  See the page on Linebreeding.

The first 5 genuine ‘Wap-bred’ foals born in South Africa have met all our expectations and more. 

 *****  The best Sport Horse Appaloosas the world has to offer  *****

Our motto is … Quality, never quantity!

~We breed for conformation, movement, temperament and pedigree!~

…When only the very best is good enough…

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Leopard Rock Sport Horse Appaloosas

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- Full sisters “Wap’s Mamma Mia” and “Michele’s Reflection” 2013 foals - see Foals tab
~ JG Diana’s 2012 filly - SOLD
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